VIDEO: Natalie Dormer on how Cressida looks in Mockingjay

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Natalie Dormer has been out promoting her new film The Counselor, but has also been asked about taking on her role of Cressida in the Mockingjay movies. 

In this video from  CBS New York  Natalie explains that taking part in Mockingjay has been a departure for her.

“In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, it’s a departure from that femme fatale…I wanted to challenge myself and people’s perceptions of me.” 

She also revealed some info VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live about Cressida’s look in Mockingjay and whether it sticks to the description in the book.

“Cressida is meant to be an incredibly talented documentary film director who was following Katniss around. I’m just really excited about her professional skill; she’s joined the rebellion out of a place called conviction, which is very interesting to me.”

But what about how Cressida looks?  In the book she’s described as having “a shaved head tattooed with green vines.”

Dormer told the Big Morning Buzz:  “I haven’t shaved off all my head of hair off, no.” However, before fans get in a tizzy, she did remark that her look is “definitely an interesting interpretation of the reference in the book. I would like to think that people won’t be disappointed with the choices that we made.”

Natalie Dormer - Cressida in Mockingjay

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